SPECIAL REPORT: 47 Year Old Minnesota Woman Sheds 60 lbs in 60 Days Thanks to ‘Weird’ European Fat-Burning Beverage

(Credits rapid weight loss to special ingredient that boosts metabolism by 370%)

Tuesday, September 25th 2018 

Staff Reporter Sarah McKinney investigates a breakthrough fat-burning ingredient that has been producing remarkable weight loss results across America. Could THIS be the fat-melting miracle we’ve all been praying for?

By: Sarah McKinney

Posted: Tuesday, September 25th 2018

(Spark Health) – For 7 years clinically obese, Type 2 Diabetes sufferer Lisa Suarez attended one of America’s leading weight loss support groups in her home town of Mankato, Minnesota.

Despite the promises of “life-changing weight loss”, Lisa’s weight actually increased from 260 lbs to 347 lbs.

With her waistline steadily expanding and her diabetes symptoms worsening, Lisa decided to try something new.

The result, she says, was “a dream come true”.

Just 60 days after adding THIS special ingredient to her diet (now proven in studies to turn dangerous, unsightly ‘white’ fat into healthy, calorie-burning ‘brown’ fat) Lisa had already shed a whopping 61 lbs, and perhaps more incredibly, was halfway towards reversing her Type 2 Diabetes.

I travelled to Mankato, Minnesota to speak to Lisa about her remarkable story, and discover this 'Fat-Melting Miracle' for myself.

“Before I discovered this secret”, Lisa recalls, “I was so depressed.

“I couldn’t get my weight or my diabetes under control, and my health was suffering badly”, she continued

“My doctor told me that my blood pressure and cholesterol was way too high, and I was heading for a heart attack or stroke if I didn’t lose weight. I was terrified.”

“What diets did you try?” I ask Lisa.

“All of them”, replies Lisa, laughing. The South Beach Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, Zone Diet, Atkins, Paleo Diet, Weight Watchers. You name it, I tried it. The majority of them required me to cut out entire food groups, and were so hard to stick to. It was like torture!

“So what did work?” I ask her, desperate to know the secret that was supposedly able to melt fat like ice cream on a summer’s day.

“Instead of telling you, let me show you”, replies Lisa, as she turns on her laptop, and motions for me to sit beside her.

For the next few minutes, I watch transfixed, as a Veteran of the second Iraq War reveals 'the incredible story' that led him to unearth one of the biggest weight loss breakthroughs of all time…

… A breakthrough that has already changed the lives and waistlines of 57,478 other people across the world – and has the weight loss industry running scared.